Tilt Tray Sorter

Dimark’s Tilt Tray Sorter was designed specifically for baggage handling systems. This is a high speed, closed-loop sorter that precisely and gently sorts baggage of different dimensions and shapes.

Dimark’s Tilt Tray Sorter provides high level of throughput and at the same time ensures a smooth and gentle bags handling during sorting process.
Sorter consists of carriages with trays on top, linked together, powered by a linear synchronous motor. This drive system gurantees high speed, high efficiency, low noise, low power consumption and low maintenance. Special construction of the sorter places all the key parts in a special tube, making sorter maintenance free.

Along with the sorter Dimark delivers induction units, designed specifically to work with this and other sorters on the market. Thanks to the special roller coaster design the sorter can be easily implemented in existing terminal buildings, even with very limited space. Dynamic change of sorter line height enables sorting baggage on different levels in the sorting room.