Dimark’s check-in conveyors can be provided as a standard product or designed according to the Client’s requirements.

All conveyors meet ergonomic, environmental and functional standards ensuring user-friendly operation for both passengers and check-in personnel. The conveyor’s rail based design enables quick and easy access to the maintenance space in emergency situations, like a stuck passport or a ticket that fell inside.

Additionally, we offer tilting devices which can be installed at the end of a dispatching conveyor to ensure a horizontal position of checked bags for further transport. The collecting conveyor is located behind the check-in and specialistic algorithms are implemented to maximize space distribution to assure the highest possible system throughput. All covers are made of stainless steel.

Features of Dimark’s check-in conveyors:
  • design flexibility
  • efficient check-in process
  • quick maintenance or replacement
  • easy loading of heavy baggage
  • high quality stainless steel finish
  • durable construction
  • integrated with other airport systems
  • easy removal of the front casing
  • possibility to pull out the whole check-in on a rail
  • effortless removal of the bands enabling quick access to e.g. a document which fell in between the band and the casing