baggage dimensioning device

The Dimark baggage dimensioning device is designed to measure the baggage and provide information to the system. Measuring is being done while baggage are on the move which improve system performance.

The baggage dimensioning device (BDD) is designed to determine the volume and dimensions of baggage in three axes. Measuring and transporting are done at the same time in order to optimize system capacity. It obtains the results when the object passes through the machine. The modular design allows for quick and easy installation and service. The device consists of two LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) laser scanners placed perpendicular to the conveyor belt. They are coupled with the movement of the belt which allows to accurately determine the shape and volume of the passing object, regardless of its position on the conveyor belt.

features & benefits
  • integrated with the baggage handling system
  • allows for smooth measuring of the baggage
  • equipped with sensors controlling dimensions of baggage