flat carousel

The Dimark flat carousel can be provided as a standard product or designed according to the requirements of the client.

A flat baggage carousel is used for the horizontal transport of bags weighing up to 55 [kg]. It is driven by a friction drive using a cast aluminium/injected plastic chain attached to transport carts. They are equipped with overlapping rubber slats which form a constant and smooth transport surface, preventing gap creation when transitioning from straight to curve sections. Rubber slats mounted on carousel carts are fire resistant.

features & benefits
  • baggage reception
  • integrated with the baggage handling system
  • lubrication-free friction drive
  • modular design, allows to obtain the required lengths and shapes
  • low noise level
  • high capacity
  • a cast aluminium/injected plastic chain provides extended lifespan of carousel
  • easy device assembly and maintenance
  • easily removable friction drive
  • easy adjustment and replacement of carousel carts, drive chains and belts
  • easy adjustment and replacement of the carousel carts, drive chain and belt