induction conveyor

The Dimark induction conveyor allows for the smooth and efficient input of the baggage to the sorting system.

The induction conveyor is a device designed for transporting baggage up to 55 [kg]. Each of the conveyors has a robust mainframe and other elements are connected to the body. The induction conveyor is equipped with small sidewalls to prevent baggage from falling off the line. Sensors mounted at the end of the induction conveyor check the position of baggage and dispatch baggage to the sorting device.

features & benefits
  • smooth transport of baggage to the sorting device
  • equipped with sensors controlling the position of baggage
  • adjustable conveyor height
  • easily removable drive
  • easy adjustability and replacement of belts thanks to the design of the conveyor
  • wide range of speeds
  • high capacity
  • low noise level