weight conveyor

The Dimark’s weight conveyor is designed for weighing the baggage during transportation. Device can be provided as a standard product or tailored to the requirements of the client.

The weight conveyor is a device designed for transporting and weighing baggage. Core of it’s performance is weighing with no need to stop transportation, which improve the capacity of the system. It is driven by an electric gear motor, with power adapted to the length of the conveyor. The devices can be configured by combining different modules, which allow to obtain the required lengths. Each of the conveyors has a welded mainframe with other elements connected to the body. The conveyor rests on a frame. The belt is placed on a smooth steel surface. The design provides high durability and low noise levels.

features & benefits
  • integrated with the baggage handling system
  • adjustable conveyor height
  • equipped with sidewalls to prevent baggage falling off the conveyor
  • the possibility of installing a stainless steel cover extending the life span of the device
  • the device can be adapted to the needs of the customer
  • modular design
  • high capacity
  • low noise level
  • low energy consumption
  • quick weighing