about us

We specialize in designing, production, assembly, commissioning and service of the airport dedicated transport systems. We have all the essential qualifications and experience to execute professional and complex investments. We provide our Clients with optimal solutions, which increase the airport performance.

Mission and vision

Our main goal is to support and assist our clients in achievieng the requierments by providing the highest quality integrated baggage handling and security systems for bags, passengers and goods.

Business Profile
Dimark S.A. specializes in designing, executing, assembling, commissioning and servicing internal automatic transport lanes for every industry sector where products are to be conveyed.

Our domain are baggage control and transport systems, dedicated for airports. We commenced our activity in 1992, while presently we offer to our Investors, the most advanced and latest technology solutions, competing successfully with the world’s largest manufacturers of control and transport systems.

Dimark S.A. has an experience in a complex execution of investments for control and handling systems, offering optimal solutions at every stage of a project execution, particularly:

  • Analysis of the Client needs while elaborating a preliminary concept of the control and transport system;
  • Development of a final design of the System, complying with all needs and requirements of the Client;
  • Manufacture of all components of the control and transport system, in accordance with the highest quality and environmental standards;
  • Assembly and commissioning of the control and transport system together with their service, in accordance with approved final designs and quality and safety norms.
  • Our company disposes necessary qualifications and skills in all fields, allowing a professional execution of an investment, including: designing and engineering systems, supply
  • chain and production management, information and communication technologies, systems’ integration, project management and Customers’ service.

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