Dimark’s SAC is a computer system supporting the management of the luggage flow, control and sorting processes.

This solution is an integral part of the BHS (Baggage Handling System) and consists of the series of modules responsible for different areas of the baggage managing processes. All modules are integrated and share a common database. Once entered into the system, information will be available wherever one may need it. At the same time, the modular structure of the system guarantees adaptation to the current needs and rights of defined user groups.

It includes the following functions:
  • flight Schedule Editing (Arrival and Departures) automated/manual chute allocation
  • gantt view for chute allocation
    • time line visualization
    • drag & drop function
    • on-line change
  • bag flow information
    • viewing all bags information
    • tracking information
    • time of mile stone registration in system (on check-in, CTX, sorter, manual coding, sorter, chute, truck)
  • multi stations operation
    • system is able to work on many workstation at the same time
  • analysis and reporting of system operations – graphic charts and text reports